Can we learn something from social distancing?

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Might Covid-19 be the way to open our eyes?

We all know about it, it is everywhere: everywhere you go, everywhere you look, every TV channel you put on your TV, announcing more infected, deaths, disturbances, more countries in quarantine and emergency mode, more doctors and other medical servants exhausted and in need of more. Like if the society we had become, the one we had built for the future was not enough. It is true that as a society we have been enough to go through wars, deaths, diseases, environmental disasters and survived as a society and as species. But the question that is prayed to be answered by the whole world; will it be enough this time?

It isn’t the moment when you realize that you are insecure about the situation, or even when it feels unreal, it is more to when you realize that this is true, that this is not frankly a joke to make meme’s about or other social media disturbances. But the actual fear is when it reaches home. Before all this half of the population would tease around and laugh about all related to China’s situation, or before this about malaria in Africa or about those who got the HIV on the ’80s. But those are only for their mistakes, for their very own and different reasons. 

It is isn’t until it reaches home that you start to fear. Fear that when it comes to Covid-19, it doesn’t understand of cultures, of mistakes, of colours, of genders, of sexual orientations, of money: you have it because you do. You can indeed wash your hands and stay safe inside the house, and I have no downsides to any of the government’s decisions, but what I do feel is that what is happening feels unreal because there is no certain explanation. Humans need to blame someone or someones, about damages they might be feeling, but who should be blamed now? At first, it was obvious to blame the Chinese for this catastrophe, but what about when England wasn’t on quarantine on time like they should have?  Or when the Italians weren’t taking the precaution they should have? Now, who will that straight white man who was born in Europe blame? He didn’t make any mistakes, so he cannot take the fault, but he cannot either revolve his fear into the guilt of someone else.

Maybe, sadly this was just what society needed. A very sad way to see the bright moments, the nights where the whole family is together. Or the simple but beautiful moments, maybe the smell of wet grass after it rains, or the sound of the radio when you wake up, or the first sip of coffee. Or maybe the moments when you were the maddest and somehow now you realize you shouldn’t have because you were wasting your time being unhappy, the time when you were in that terrible traffic and that made your day one of the worst, instead of being positive and enjoying every single thing that the world could offer. 

Maybe you should have done all those things you thought, the things you postponed, that trip with the family you delayed for the next summer, or that meeting with a friend you said you would do but never arranged a date. Life is too short to postpone the real beautiful moments and little things that it can offer. 

I am sure that after all this, when this passes, many of us will be able to take a look and just take a moment to smell those flowers or jump into that river you were scared of, or just to take a look at your family while you are all laughing together. I am sure that when all this is over, which I am certain that it will be, we won’t take anything into account, and we will surely breathe and enjoy everything that life can offer, so stay positive, stay safe, and maybe we can learn something from this experience. 

Hola em dic Berta i visc a Martorelles amb els meus pares i el meu germà, Tiago. Vaig néixer el 2 de març del 2005, i tinc 14 anys. El que m'agrada més és estar amb la família i amics, llegir i jugar a futbol. Quan tenia 9 anys em vaig mudar a Londres on hi vaig estar tres anys per la feina del meu pare, i vaig anar a l'escola ACS Cobham International School. Quan hi vaig tornar a l'edat de 12 anys, vaig tornar a l'escola on era de petita: l'Escola Sant Gervasi, i la que estic ara fent 3ªd'ESO. Em defineixo com una persona alegre i simpàtica, sóc bastant oberta de ment, encara que m'estresso amb facilitat. Estic molt interessada en el món de l'escriptura és per això que crec que m'agradarà molt aquest projecte. Hola me llamo Berta y vivo en Martorelles con mis padres y mi hermano, Tiago. Nací el 2 de marzo del 2005, y tengo 14 años. Lo que mes gusta más es estar con mi familia y amigos, leer y jugar a fútbol. Cuando tenía 9 años me mudé a Londres donde estuve tres años por el trabajo de mi padre y fui a la escuela ACS Cobham International School. Cuando volví a la edad de 12 años, volví a la escuela a la que iba de pequeña: la Escola Sant Gervasi, y la que ahora estoy haciendo 3ºESO. Me defino como una persona alegre y simpática, soy bastante abierta de mente, aunque me estreso con facilidad. Estoy interesada en el mundo de la escritura es por eso que creo que me gustara mucho este proyecto. Hello, my name is Berta and I live in Martorelles with my parents and my brother, Tiago. I was born on March 2nd, 2005 and I am 14 years old. What I most like is to be with my family and my friends, read and to play soccer. When I was 9 years old I moved to London where I lived there for three years, because of my father’s job and I went to ACS Cobham International School. When I came back at the age of 12, I came back to the school that I was at when I was little: Escola Sant Gervasi, which is the one I am recently at doing 3rd of ESO. I define myself as a happy and nice person, I am pretty open-minded, although I get stressed easily. I am interested in the writing field that is why I think I will like a lot this project.